The 5 Elements

& Cycles e-course


Familiarize yourself with the Elements & Cycles in nature and how it affects our inner and outer worlds to live more in harmony & health. This online series of classes is a good introduction and applies the concepts of the 5 Elements, combining Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Food Energetics wisdoms & philosophy.

Learn about the cycles of the day, month, year, seasons, 5 Elements in detail, and the cycles of Food Energetics and how it relates to beans, whole grains, sea vegetables- each another layer of cycles and the elements. We cover a total of 13 different cycles or layers and dive into a class on each of the 5 Elements and Food Therapy which you can start using in your daily life immediately to create more balance & resonance of truly holistic health.

Objectives of this online class series:

  • Learn about what the 5 Elements are and how they are applied to many cycles of daily life, months seasons and healthful patterns of eating.
  • Learn about new ingredients and revive foods you haven't eaten in a long time to create more variety in your kitchen.
  • Expand and build your curiosity and confidence in food selection.
  • Learn the basics about cooking energetics and the impact different styles of cooking have on the organs, mind and body.
  • Learn how food affects you physically, emotionally and energetically.
  • Begin to think of lifestyle, health, food choices and cooking in a cyclical way.
  • Approach food from a more holistic and food therapeutic mindset.


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