The Qi Food Therapy e-book collection has been written with one goal: to improve, enhance and restore balance to your Qi. Whilst there are many types of Qi we refer to the term as a general one for more energy, vitality, groundedness and overall health. Certain types of Qi are further explained & explored in the various e-books.

Start with the basics- the Healthy Breakfasts e-book and the Beans Plant Protein e-book, reduce dampness and mucus in the body with dairy free cooking in the Reinventing your Dairy e-book.

Enjoy Chinese style porridge with the TCM Congee e-book or jump into the TCM Food Therapy series. The series is based on each season/element of the 5 Elements and common health issues associated with that element. The Chinese Medicine e-book series was co-authored with TCM Doctor and Acupuncturist, Dr Evan Pinto, based in Shanghai. 

Wherever you are at or what your needs are we hope you enjoy the theory & recipes each e-book has to offer. All recipes are plant-based, with no dairy, and suitable for vegetarians & vegans. If you are a meat-eater then use the recipes as a base and easily add them into your dietary habits. 

At Qi Food Therapy we welcome all dietary preferences, and discourage labels, everyone is free to eat what they like. Once you begin to understand the effects of different foods on the body, and how to balance through food & food energetics you can become your own alchemist in the kitchen.

e-book titles:

  1. Healthy breakfasts ebook
  2. Beans Plant-Power protein ebook
  3. Reinvent your Dairy (vegan dairy) e-book 

Chinese Medicine Food Therapy ebooks:

  1. Fundamentals of TCM 
  2. Managing Dampness
  3. Smoothing Liver Qi
  4. Five Seasons TCM Congee
  5. Nourishing the Kidneys *
  6. Cooling the Heart Fire * 
  7. Improving Immunity- Moisturizing Lung Dryness*

*launching July/Aug 2022

The 5 Elements flow into everything we offer at Qi Food Therapy.

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