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The Qi Food Therapy (QFT) online membership community is a monthly portal for learning & sharing about food therapy, energetics, cooking, furthering your knowledge on the 5 Elements, it also includes movement, breathwork, and mindfulness practices to support your holistic health. Each month you will have access to:

Q&A Chat

1x 60 min online - Q&A chat with Kimberly

Seasonal Health Tool Kit

1x 15 min video- Seasonal health tool kit sharing by Kimberly. For example, a guided meditation, movement practice, kitchen or wellness tools, or a superfood for your Qi.

Food & Energetics

1x 40 min video- Qi Food Therapy cooking class with Kimberly

Masterclass Or Interview

1x online Masterclass or interview- with an invited expert/guest teacher.

The masterclasses or interviews include either live or recorded sessions with Chinese Medicine doctors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, Food Therapy & Macrobiotic chefs, 5 Element experts, Authors, Yin Yoga teachers, Qigong teachers, Breathwork teachers, Meditation teachers, Holistic Psychology experts and many more wonderful Wellness practitioners who innerstand Qi & Energy!

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Access to private group & connection with a like-minded Qi Food Therapy community
Price: US$23 per month (approximately AUD$30)
Format: online 

LAUNCHING LATER IN 2021- please stay tuned via our email newsletter and on Instagram for announcements @qifoodtherapy

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