$45.00 USD

Energetic Nutrition Webinars

Lifetime access to these wonderful webinars from our previous Energetic Nutrition summit. The 9 fabulous teachers & masterclasses are: 

  1. Ellen Goldsmith on Building Qi & Nourishing the centre 

  2. Stephanie Nosco on The Spirit of the Earth Element

  3. Patricio Garcia de Parades on Energetics & Practical uses of Sea vegetables 

  4. Naomi Jansson on Women's Health & Mother centred nourishment

  5. Chloe Stubberfield on Connecting & talking with your Spleen

  6. Jo Little on Qi Food Transfer & the power of presence

  7. Lindsey Thompson on Emotions & Food Therapy

  8. Sean Guinan on The Ecology of Eating

  9. Myra Lewin on Prana in Food

Over 10 hours of webinar goodness awaits you!

(if you are in Australia and would prefer to pay in AUD$ at AUD$55, please go to this check out page: AUD$ option)