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Cooling the Heart Fire e-book

Does your heart suddenly beat super-fast when you’re about to fall asleep at night?

Are your thirsty all the time?

Do you feel hot and bothered for no reason?

Do you sweat profusely without exerting yourself?

How about your dreams? Are they colorful and vivid and a little stranger than your friends’ dreams?

These are examples of excess of Heart Fire.

In Summer, and/ or during periods of physical & emotional stress, our body tends to “overheat” and in Chinese Medicine we have the ability to use every day functional foods to help cool the system and the mind down. Join us in the ebook to learn more about the Heart (and its organ pair, the small intestine) from a Chinese Medicine perspective. The Heart is much more than a physical mechanical organ, our Hearts represent our emotional and spiritual lives.

In this ebook we introduce symptoms such as heart fire blazing and how this manifests as palpitations, ulcers, mental restlessness, dreams, full heat in the small intesting, pain in the throat and heart Yin deficiency with empty heat, and much more in the theory section.

In the second half of the e-book we address how to cool your heart fire through simple everyday foods & recipes. Building your awareness and feeling sense for foods to reach for intuitively in future to care for the heart a& small intestine, the Fire element in Chinese Medicine.
If you are a TCM doctor or acupuncturist then please send this page to your patients, we would love to be able to support in between their visits to you!

Enjoy cooling your Heart Fire & happy cooking!

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