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The Fundamentals of TCM e-book

Some of the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are presented in this beautiful 14 page e-book as an introduction before you dive into our 5-part, 5-element Food Therapy series. We cover the concepts of Holism, Yin Yang Theory, and the 5 Elements, which are the three fundamentals of TCM. All symptoms, emotions, diagnoses, foods, and behaviors can be described using these three theories.
We also introduce the functions of Qi and TCM Anatomy in terms of the metabolism of eating and drinking, simple charts, and the directions of Qi and cooking styles, all to get you started in your journey to understanding & exploring food energetics.

This e-book is great for beginners before the other e-books in this series, which we highly recommend. The 5 e-book themes represent the 5 Elements and common health conditions that we see in modern times:

- Soothing Liver Qi Stagnation (Wood)

- Managing Dampness (Earth)

- Cooling the Heart Fire (Fire)

- Improving Immunity: Moisturizing Lung Dryness (Metal)

- Nourishing the Kidneys (Water)

Enjoy the basics of TCM & this e-book!


*this e-book is for informational & educational purposes only, it does not replace medical advice, please see your doctor, TCM doctor and/or acupuncturist for any health conditions you have. 

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