Sound Healing

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Enjoy a deeply restoring session of Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) followed by a sound experience with singing bowls, alchemy crystal bowls, tuning forks & other percussion. There is minimal movement, this is not a Yoga class. Expect to feel well rested and very calm after the session.

The future of health includes regular rest, energy & sound medicine, it is time to make time for more relaxation in your life.


Next event: May 20th, 7:00-8:30pm. Freshwater Wellness Center, Northern Beaches. 

Exchange: AUD$45 pp (US$33 listed below)

(Only 8 spots available. Please bring a blanket, socks & have long sleeved clothing to keep warm.)



Go deeper into realigning your energy field/Biofield, bringing your energy centers into balance. Combining sound healing with the Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, instruments and hands-on energy medicine for an indulging & deeply relaxing private 1:1 session. Some describe this as a "sound  & frequency massage."

This wonderful combination supports an increased flow of Qi or energy in the organs, energy centers, meridians and fascia allowing your energy body to rebalance and re-center. Coming back into alignment for improved mind-body harmony.

Included in your first session is also a PDF outline on Food Therapy for relaxation, as the food you eat and ways of cooking influence the nervous system, digestion and energetic body in supporting your ability to relax. This is a holistic approach to relaxation to improve flow, Qi and calmness on all levels.


Price: US$73 (AUD$99)

Duration: 60 minutes
Format: in-person only ( Clinic location on the northern beaches or I can come to you most places north of the bridge. Email to inquire or arrange a small private group event. Subject to availability)

(*discounts available for multiple sessions, come and try one first)

I look forward to facilitating a wonderfully relaxing, grounding & restful event or private session for you. 

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Kimberly Ashton

Sound & Energy Medicine practitioner

Kimberly combines the wisdoms from Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Western nutrition together and applying it to daily life. With a focus on Food- Emotions- Energy she weaves in the 5 Elements into all coaching programs, e-books and courses she teaches.

Kimberly is passionate about building awareness of truly healthy and wholesome living focusing on the 5 Elements, food therapy and intuitive eating. She loves bridging the balance between East and West with infusing meals, teas, soups and desserts with Asian superfoods and functional foods. 

She understands the importance of emotional wellness and metaphysical anatomy (where we store emotions and energies in the body) and how the 5 Elements can be used as a tool to rebalance our body & minds.

She loves using the power of sound, vibration, frequency & energy in supporting relaxation and realigning the energy body.