5 Ways to Add Energetic Nutrition to Your Life







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We are shifting into new times & realizing that we are more than our physical bodies.

Food and the way we eat deeply affects the emotional, mental, subtle & energetic layers of our body & fields.

Do you want to take your nutrition beyond protein, fats & carbs?

Are you ready to remove labels of vegan or paleo and anything in between?

Do you innately know food is ENERGY and not "diet" trends?

How do incorporate sunlight & water into your nutrition?

Are you a fan of the elements in nature, natural law & intuitive eating?

Do you love energy practices or energy medicine & want to learn more?

In this introductory 1-hour webinar we will explore different perspectives of nutrition, and practical applications for daily living. Learn 5 top ways you can start adding Energetic Nutrition concepts to your life!


Discover ENERGETIC NUTRITION with me...



Food Therapy & 5 Elements Wellness coach

Kimberly combines the wisdoms from Chinese Medicine, Energetic nutrition and Western nutrition together and apples it to daily life. With a focus on Food- Emotions- Energy she weaves in the 5 Elements into all coaching programs, e-books and courses she teaches.

Kimberly is passionate about building awareness of truly healthy and wholesome living focusing on the 5 Elements, food therapy and intuitive eating. She loves bridging the balance between East and West with infusing meals, teas, soups and desserts with Asian superfoods and functional foods. 

She understands the importance of emotional wellness and metaphysical anatomy (where we store emotions and energies in the body) and how the 5 Elements can be used as a tool to rebalance our body & minds.

She is based in Sydney, Australia and has been working with clients for individual coaching & group workshops since 2011.