5 Element Nutrition Course

(launching March 2024)

This online training course brings together an international line-up of Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, Nutritionists, published authors, Chefs, food educators & culinary experts.

It is a unique opportunity to learn & train in 5 Element Nutrition to improve your own health, support your family, clients & patients starting from the kitchen.

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What is Qi Food Therapy?


Energy & Food Therapy.

Qi Food Therapy offers energy healing modalities and energetic nutritional therapy through online learning, in-person sessions & events to support cultivating your Qi (energy, Chi or Prana).

The body is our vessel for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. Energy & Food are vital inputs for a clean, clear & vibrant vessel. 

Through our e-books, webinars and certification course, we offer opportunities to rebalance health conditions, strengthen organs & energy systems, align your energy points, and discover new ways of approaching energetic health.

Everything is Energy, everything contains and is made up of QI.

We are here to help illuminate your overall mind-body-soul level health and "rebalance life energies." 

The 5 Elements?

We predominantly work through the framework of the 5 Elements, not just for the Food side of our offerings, but also woven into the various energy medicine & hands for healing courses, events & sessions. 

5 Element theory is a beautiful and very intelligent and in-depth practice of holistic healthcare and sees all of the bodily functions as interconnected. Our goal is to present a simple practical introduction and offer recipes & health alignment practices you can incorporate into your life.

We share enjoyable & educational content to empower you to take your health into your own hands. All the Qi Food Therapy e-books and online courses are designed to work together alongside acupuncture, herbs, massage and other Chinese Medicine modalities, Western Naturopathic or bodywork treatments, and if you are a practitioner they are another tool you can add to your healing tool box or direct your clients to. We love the power & depth of "rebalancing life energies" through energy medicine. 

Launching early 2024 this is our very special 5 Element Nutrition course. Get on the waitlist HERE.

What is Qi?

Qi (pronounced “chi” or “cheee”), blood and body fluids are the most important fundamental substances necessary for life. We are dedicated to building awareness of the many types of Qi in your life and how to create more flow, clearer pathways in your light body and energetic body, and maintaining energetic health. You can feel the benefits through regular alignment practices, energy medicine modalities and energetic nutrition theory. 

By understanding and balancing your Qi, or Vital or Life energy, you begin to experience the benefits of living more in harmony with your internal body constitution and external environmental conditions. 

Thank you for being here & we look forward to supporting your journey!

Understanding Qi


Qi is the life force, energy or electricity that flows through all things. Everything in the universe derives from Qi, it is the foundation of space & time in our world. When Qi flows properly, all things are in harmony and function correctly; when Qi is blocked, stagnation and problems arise. Within the human body Qi flows through all the organs, cells, blood and meridians maintaining health and balance. 

How you cultivate Qi, eat Qi, breathe Qi, exercise & move your Qi, even think & emotionally feel Qi, is all inter-connected and allows understanding of the various types of Qi/Energy that coexist inside us and outside us. It is the macro and micro view & innerstanding of life. Our fundamental guiding principle is based on the Universal law of balance and we use food therapy, functional & medicinal food and other energy healing therapies to get back to balance. 


We want to inspire more people wake up the power of nourishing their Qi.

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