What is Qi Food Therapy?

Qi Food Therapy offers digital online content to support you to cultivate the power of functional food and apply principles of Chinese Medicine, The 5 Elements, Food Energetics, Emotional Anatomy & Energy Medicine.

Through the e-books, e-courses and coaching sessions offered you will be able to rebalance health conditions, strengthen the organs & energy systems in the body, discover new ways of approaching food/nutrition as energy and improve your overall mind-body health.


What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is a very intelligent, logical, yet complex and in-depth practice of healthcare and sees all of the bodily functions as interconnected. It can be and often is overwhelming for most people, so our goal is to present a simple practical introduction to topics and offer recipes you can start to incorporate into your life. We share enjoyable & educational content to empower you to take your health into your own hands. All the Qi Food Therapy e-books and online courses here are designed to work together alongside your acupuncture, herbs, massage and other Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic or bodywork treatments, and if you are a practitioner they are another tool you can add to your healing tool box or direct your clients to. We compliment with the energy of food and showing the applications of functional foods. 

What is Qi?

Qi (pronounced “chi” or “cheee”), blood and body fluids are the most important fundamental substances necessary for life and we are dedicated to building awareness of the many types of Qi in your life through energetic nutrition theory & recipe e-books, online courses and offline workshops & trainings. 

By understanding and balancing your Qi, also known as Vital energy or Life energy, you begin to experience the benefits of living more in harmony with your internal body constitution and external environmental conditions. Qi or Energy is inside, outside, and all around us.

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Who doesn't want more Qi, Energy, Vitality & Life force? In this mini e-book explore 7 categories of Qi to inspire you on your journey to nourish, restore & rebalance your Qi & Energy in your life.


Understanding Qi


Qi is the life force, energy or electricity that flows through all things. Everything in the universe derives from Qi, it is the foundation of space & time in our world. When Qi flows properly, all things are in harmony and function correctly; when Qi is blocked, stagnation and problems arise. Within the human body Qi flows through all the organs, cells, blood and meridians maintaining health and balance. 

How you cultivate Qi, eat Qi, breathe Qi, exercise & move your Qi, even think & emotionally feel Qi, is all inter-connected and allows understanding of the various types of Qi/Energy that coexist inside us and outside us. It is the macro and micro view & innerstanding of life. Our fundamental guiding principle is based on the Universal law of balance and we use food therapy, functional & medicinal food and other therapies to get back to balance. 


We want to help more people wake up to the power of nourishing their Qi on the physical, emotional & spiritual levels.

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About Me


I am a Wellness coach, TCM Food Therapist, Macrobiotic counsellor, Emotional Anatomy consultant, Energy Medicine practitioner, and author based in Australia & Asia. I also teach the Energetics of nutrition and Food Therapy workshops in Yoga trainings and other events.


I spent over 16 years in Shanghai, 6 of which where I co-owned China’s first health food store & plant-based nutrition cooking studio, and previously owned a small health food café. My journey into understanding Qi began by studying and practicing TCM Food Therapy with my mentor Dr Zhang Yi Fei, and we co-authored a book about Healthy Smoothies and functional foods in 2014, and I was hosting Dr Zhang’s TCM fundamentals, food therapy & meridian theory courses in China 2016-2019. 

I have an intuitive sense for cooking with seasonal varieties of vegetables, sea vegetables, natural foods, and applying 5 Element theory. I am passionate about teaching the Energetics of nutrition in relation to how food & cooking methods effect Qi, transform physical health, mood and emotional well-being. 


In 2019 I published a second book “Chinese Superfoods,” in Chinese, which has sold over 7000 copies. Through the book I encourage new generations of food therapy enthusiasts to explore Asian traditional foods, cook with everyday ingredients & get into the kitchen. 


Outside of the kitchen I love to practice Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Qigong & Meditation as part of holistic well-being, cultivating Qi and balancing emotional health. I also LOVE water and being in the ocean. 


Other modalities I practice and offer:

  • Plant-Based Cook & Food Educator
  • Macrobiotic cook & teacher (trained at the Kushi Institute Europe, the Institute of Macrobiotics, Portugal, and the Kushi Macrobiotic School, Tokyo)
  • Emotional Anatomy consultant (member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT))
  • iRest Yoga Nidra, level 1 teacher
  • Somatic Stress Release facilitator
  • Yin Yoga teacher (with Tao Yoga & Qi Gong training)
  • Sound therapy practitioner 
  • AcuEnergetics practitioner (*in-training, 2023) 
  • Spinal Energetics practitioner (*in-training, 2023)
  • Shamanic Healing practitioner (*in-training, 2023)