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Welcome to the most exciting section of our site: online learning with Qi Food Therapy!

The Qi Food Therapy online courses, workshops and class series have been created & curated to empower you through various themes and learning journeys to improve, enhance and restore balance to your Qi. Enjoy the new perspectives, insights and practical information to apply to your daily life.

Our courses include:

  • The 5 Elements & Cycles course - available now
  • Qi boosting plant-based nutrition - available now
  • TCM Food Therapy series launching Dec 2021
  • Yin Lifestyle (relaxation with food therapy) - coming 2022

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Wherever you are at on your journey with food & holistic health, we offer our videos, study materials,  presentations, activities, practices, inspiration & recipes through the online courses to you.

Through learning and applying the 5 Elements and Qi Food Therapy to your lifestyle you can start to experience and see the power of food on the layers of the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

You can then expand your mind and trust yourself to come back into your body and "balance life energies."

Online Course

The 5 Elements & Cycles

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Online Classes

TCM Food Therapy series

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Online Course

Qi Boosting Plant-based nutrition

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