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My name is Kimberly and I support people to tap into their innate state of balance and harmony. The physical body, organs, systems and functions are designed to flow, thrive and enable you to live a healthy & long life. We get in the way through our lifestyle choices, habits, external environmental factors and emotions. By building awarenss of how the body works through the lens of the 5 Elements, holistic nutrition, energy /electricity/Qi you start to see and take action to rebalance your life energies.. 

If you are interested in private Qi Food Therapy consultation & coaching sessions, having me come teach or speak at your workshop, Yoga/Qigong training or cooking studio then please book in a session (scroll to the bottom of this page) or connect via email as below.
Private sessions offered:

  • 5 Element individual reading
  • Food Therapy consultation & coaching
  • Emotional Anatomy consultation
  • Sound Healing & Energy Medicine session
  • Half-day masterclass/home retreat

5 Elements Individual Reading:

Using your birthdate we calculate your predominate 3 elements from the Japanese system of 9 Star Ki, based on the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine & numerology. This session does not focus on astrology, predictions nor numerology but on recommendations for Food Therapy & Nutrition, organ care, emotional & personality tendencies, and Energetic patterns.
An insightful interpretation and raises your level of self-awareness so you can make conscious practical decisions for food, lifestyle & communication with yourself and people around you in daily life.

Price: US$77 
Duration: 75 minutes  
Format: online or in-person

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Food Therapy consultation & coaching:

These sessions combine Holistic nutrition, 5 Elements, Macrobiotic & Chinese medicine food therapy, Food Energetics, and Western nutrition to dig deeper into your individual food questions and health imbalances.
Book in if you have a particular health condition, or digestion problem, a concern about your food habits & optimal nutrition.

Session price includes food charts, reading material, nutrition recommendations and/or recipes in a follow up email.

Please have a pen & paper to take notes.

(Further sessions can be booked if you would like to commit to more sessions, or consider the 3 SESSION PACKAGE if you would like some accountability & support weekly- see the very bottom of this page)

Price: US$133
Duration: 90 minutes
Format: online or in-person

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Emotional Anatomy Consultation:


Emotional Anatomy (EA) is about getting to know and understand your body-mind at the very depths originating from your values and what you want. It involves reading your body, energy and how it manifests in different areas and conditions of the tissue, your skin, posture, and about realizing what the body is telling you. The body never lies, it is a result of all your thoughts, emotions, habits and state of mind. We work through the “issues in the tissues” in a comprehensive analysis and identifying energetic imbalances through assessment of; postural alignment, energetic tubes & body contour mapping. This is literally “balancing of life energies” through body reading.

In your EMOTIONAL ANATOMY assessment we will look at:

  • Body type- vata, kapha or pitta body frame
  • Chakra & tissue condition
  • Skin condition & colour
  • Energy dysfunction
  • Alignment of the body
  • Body part impulses & body reading
  • Psycho-emotional interpretations

EA is a revived modality & area of study in wellness that is timely and relevant for modern day health-care and dis-ease management. It empowers the individual to go inwards and have full awareness of emotions and the impact on their health. Healing through EMPOWERMENT we work through a process of:

Acknowledgement- Awareness- Alignment- Action!

We work with a self-alignment method to uncover your personal values, body interpretation, shadow values and ultimately transforming body-mind symptoms into personal growth.
Please have a pen & paper to take notes.

Session price includes relevant charts, a copy of your self-alignment method
worksheet & final assessment, Emotional Anatomy explanations and references, and an optional follow up 30 minute call a month after the session.
(Further sessions can be booked if you would like to commit to coaching sessions)

Price: US$277 
Duration: 2.5 hour session
Format: in-person only

*Please note that you will be required to wear yoga crop top/bra and shorts, or a 2-piece swim suit for part of this session during the body assessment.

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Half-day Masterclass & Home Retreat:


Enjoy a half-day personally curated masterclass or home retreat encapsulating the best of Qi Food Therapy practices to rebalance your body-mind. If you have been to a TCM doctor, acupuncturist and have been diagnosed with a condition or health tendencies and need further support this will be particularly useful for lifestyle adjustments. If you haven’t do not worry, we will start at the beginning and dive in. This longer session is full of practical information, based on your body constitution and condition and consists of a combination of:

  • Morning meditation & movement practices
  • Preparing breakfast or lunch together (ingredients & recipe options will be sent prior to the session)
  • A 5 Elements reading & explanation of emotions & personality tendencies
  • A personal introduction to Food Therapy & suitable functional foods for you
  • Information on the energetics of food & how it applies to you
  • Cooking methods & 5 Element transformation in the kitchen
  • Holistic explanation of your TCM condition if applicable and the best ways forwards for managing & rebalancing your health
  • Plenty of time to ask questions & receive personal 1:1 attention
  • Additional modalities if/when appropriate including Wellness coaching, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Somatic stress release, Sound healing, Emotional & Energy healing.

This can also be a private workshop/cooking class for you and friends.

Price: US$577
Duration: 5 hour session (includes cooking a meal together & meal prep tips)
Format: online via Zoom, or in-person available if you are in Sydney or a city I am teaching in.

*additional fees for travel across Sydney may be applicable, please email to inquire. Does not include costs of ingredients for meal/s.

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 Group sessions offered:

If you would like to book in a workshop, group session at your studio/venue, collaborate and teach in your Yoga/Qigong training, or brainstorm an amazing co-creation please contact:

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