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I am Kimberly and I support people to tap into their innate state of balance and harmony by understanding the 5 Elements.

The physical body, organs, systems and functions are designed to flow, thrive and enable you to live a healthy & long life. We get in the way through our lifestyle choices, habits, external environmental factors and emotions. By building awarenss of how the body works through the lens of the 5 Elements, holistic nutrition, energy /electricity/Qi you start to see and take action to rebalance your life energies.. 

If you are interested in private consultation & coaching sessions, having me come teach or speak at your workshop, Yoga/Qigong training or cooking studio then please book in a session (scroll to the bottom of this page) or connect via email as below. I also love collaborations & co-creating magick together. 



Private sessions offered:

  • 5 Elements individual reading
  • 5 Elements Holistic Nutrition coaching
  • 3 session package Food-Emotions-Energy
  • 1:1 private sound relaxation & energy medicine

Group classes offered:

    • Yin yoga (weekly)
    • Yoga nidra & sound relaxation (monthly)


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5 Elements individual reading:

Using your birthdate we calculate your predominate 3 elements from the Japanese system of 9 Star Ki, based on the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine & numerology. This session does not focus on astrology, predictions nor numerology but on recommendations for Food Therapy & Nutrition, organ care, emotional & personality tendencies, and Energetic patterns.
An insightful interpretation and raises your level of self-awareness so you can make conscious practical decisions for food, lifestyle & communication with yourself and people around you in daily life.

Price: US$73 
Duration: 70 minutes  
Format: online or in-person

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5 Elements Holistic Nutrition coaching:

These sessions combine the 5 Elements, Chinese medicine food therapy, Food Energetics, and Western nutrition to dig deeper into your individual food questions and health imbalances.
Book in if you have a particular health condition, or digestion problem, a concern about your food habits & optimal nutrition.

Session price includes food charts, reading material, nutrition recommendations and/or recipes in a follow up email.

Please have a pen & paper to take notes.

(Further sessions can be booked if you would like to commit to more sessions, or consider the 3 SESSION PACKAGE if you would like some accountability & support weekly- scroll down)

Price: US$133
Duration: 90 minutes
Format: online or in-person

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Commit to a 3 SESSION PACKAGE of Food Therapy & Holistic nutrition coaching with weekly email access, questions, support and cheerleading in between sessions! In your private sessions we explore the 3 layers of FOOD-EMOTIONS-ENERGY and gain understanding of how they all work through your different physical and subtle bodies.

Depending on your health goals some of the modalities that we may draw from include;

  • - Chinese medicine 5 element food therapy & emotional wellness
  • - Food energetics and how food selection & cooking styles can support you
  • - Emotional & Metaphysical Anatomy of what ailments & energy imbalances in the body are telling you. The “issues in the tissues.”
  • - Self-alignment in daily life, habits and the energy body
  • - Co-meditation & dyad conversations to get you to access emotions in the body
  • - An introduction to energy work & supporting your physical, emotional and energetic bodies

This is a wonderful package for those new to food, energy, the elements, and/or particularly good for energy healers, and those wellness or spiritually minded who want to have the esoteric conversations about food, nutrition & energy.

If you are serious about your health, energy awareness and want to start balancing life energies, book in your 3 sessions today! 

Price: US$377
Duration: 3x90min sessions
Format: online or in-person 

(*scroll down- to the Food Therapy 3 sessions package below)

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1:1 Sound relaxation & Energy medicine session:

Combining sound healing with the Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, instruments and hands-on energy medicine for an indulging & deeply relaxing private 1:1 session. Some describe this as a "sound  & frequency massage."

This wonderful combination supports an increased flow of Qi or energy in the organs, energy centers, meridians and fascia allowing your energy body to rebalance and re-center. Coming back into alignment for improved mind-body harmony.

Included in your first session is also a PDF outline on Food Therapy for relaxation, as the food you eat and ways of cooking influence the nervous system, digestion and energetic body in supporting your ability to relax. This is a holistic approach to relaxation to improve flow, Qi and calmness on all levels.


Price: US$73 (AUD$99)

Duration: 60 minutes
Format: in-person only (Weds on the northern beaches)

(*discounts available for multiple sessions, come and try one first)

 (**if you would like a small private group event pls contact me)

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(Please note prices are in USD$ due to international nature of operations. If you would like to join a Yin yoga class or Yoga Nidra & Sound session and price is an issue please contact me, I do not want money exchange to be a factor, everyone is welcome during these times.)

 Group sessions offered:

If you would like to book in a workshop, group session at your studio/venue, collaborate and teach in your Yoga/Qigong training, or brainstorm an amazing co-creation please contact: