5 Element readings 

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Sunday 5th June, 2022

6am New York, 11am London, 6pm Hong Kong, 8pm Sydney

This online event is a group version of the private 1:1 session for 5 Element readings.
Using your birthdate you will calculate your predominate 3 elements from the Japanese system of 9 Star Ki, based on the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine & numerology. Then we will go through each element and 5 element wisdoms & applications of each element for daily life.
This session does not focus on astrology, predictions nor numerology but on general recommendations for Food Therapy & nutrition, organ care, emotional & personality tendencies, and energetic patterns.
It is an insightful session interpreting the 5 Elements and will raise your level of self-awareness so you can make conscious practical decisions for food, lifestyle & communication with yourself and people around you. 
Discover more of you through the lens of 5 elements. We promise fun and plenty of "ah ha" moments & realizations!
This fun online group session will introduce each element in the 5 element philosophy and relevant to your personal predominate elements.  
Some of the highlights include:
  • learn about your own predominate 3 elements (and combinations of wood, fire, earth, metal or water)
  • learn how to read & innerstand when your predominate elements are out of balance or in balance
  • what are the physical & emotional manifestations of imbalanced elements
  • how your elements affect your mood, personality & energies
  • what organs you need to look after the most & how this applies to physical, mental & emotional well-being
  • how your predominate 3 elements govern your favourite season, foods & functional foods to support you
This is a 2 hour online zoom session with video recording available if you can't join live. This is a group session which we are making more affordable so more people can take a step into the 5 Elements!
Date: Sunday 5th June
Time: 6am New York, 11am London, 6pm Singapore, 8pm Sydney
(2 hours duration)
Price: US$23 per person, includes a PDF copy of all the material & slides.
(zoom link will automatically be emailed upon registration)

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Kimberly Ashton

Food Therapy & 5 Elements wellness coach.

Kimberly combines the wisdoms from Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Western nutrition together and applying it to daily life. With a focus on Food- Emotions- Energy she weaves in the 5 Elements into all coaching programs, e-books and courses she teaches.

Kimberly is passionate about building awareness of truly healthy and wholesome living focusing on the 5 Elements, food therapy and intuitive eating. She loves bridging the balance between East and West with infusing meals, teas, soups and desserts with Asian superfoods and functional foods. 

She understands the importance of emotional wellness and metaphysical anatomy (where we store emotions and energies in the body) and how the 5 Elements can be used as a tool to rebalance our body & minds.

She is based in Sydney, Australia and works with clients online for individual coaching & group workshops.