Food is a source of nourishment for our physical, emotional, mental, electric/ energetic & spiritual bodies and can either stimulate or calm us on a daily basis. 

Join this unique webinar to learn how food & energetic nutrition affects your mind, body & Qi, and how you can ease the physical body & nervous system. 

*this webinar is launching July 2023!


In the webinar we cover:
* What foods are you eating that help calm your nervous system & stress responses? What foods that aren't.
* What energies & functional foods can help soothe the body and it's layers?
* How does your 5 element personality effect your emotional stress response & nourishment choices?
* The emotional, energetic & spiritual aspects of the spleen, stomach & digestive system. Particularly relating to Pranic energy absorbed through the spleen.
Through food choices, flavour & ingredient selection you can start intuitively shifting your energy and state of calm.
We explore the ways in which you eat, cook and live that either support or do not support a state of calm and ease, and how to bring more balance to your life. If you have a Yoga, Yin Yoga, Tai Chi (Tai ji quan) or Qigong practice this a beautiful way to integrate your movement practice.

Focusing on the Earth element we take it slow through:

  • Factors that influence our nervous system regulation
  • Lifestyle choices that effect our ability to experience calmness & serenity
  • Learning about the energetics of the Spleen & Stomach
  • How to strengthen & sooth the digestion
  • Functional foods for more ease & improved Spleen Qi

Join us for the Eating for Calm webinar, find more relaxation through what you eat & how you cook.


Webinar duration: 1 hour 30 minutes





* this webinar is launching July 2023!

*Please note there are no medical recommendations in this webinar, only general information & food energetics suggestions.

This webinar does not replace medical advice from your MD, GP, ND or TCM medical practitioner.

 Please also consider joining our other webinars & online courses for more specific 5 element Food Therapy guidance.