Use your 5 Element type to embrace your gifts & create a life you love


Are you an Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, or Fire type? Knowing the answer could transform your life.

Join Dr Ashley Abbs & Kimberly Ashton for a 5-part webinar series on 5 Element Alchemy, learning about the 5 Elements and applying the wisdom in an embodied way.

The 5 webinars dive into each element, personality tendencies, archetypes and allow you to journey deeper into the meaning and application of the 5 Elements.

The journey through each element allows you to uncover why you are the way you are and see the depth of the elements in relation to personality, core requirements, values, what is important to you and living in relationship to people and the world around you.

Knowing your 5 Element type can help you:

·   Understand your gifts, challenges, and deepest insecurities
·   Embrace your intuition and make soulfully inspired decisions
·   Create supportive practices and rituals
·   Take steady steps toward your goals
·   Uncover new possibilities for your lifestyle, work, and relationships

As you explore the different areas of life governed by the Elements – and use the healing tools, strategies, and writing prompts provided – you will access the great wisdom that resides within and learn how to create a life fuelled by love and legacy.

The full webinar replays are now available for you.

"You and your alchemy don’t exist in a vacuum… Knowing who you are is only half the equation. For it to mean something, you must now allow it to be the bridge from the life you currently have to the one you desire to have." - Ashley Abbs


Our webinar journey:

Week 1# Welcome, 5 Element quiz to discover your Alchemy, The Earth Element
Week 2# The Metal Element

Week 3# The Water Element

Week 4# The Wood Element

Week 5# The Fire Element

In each webinar we discuss general themes and archetypes, season, emotions, 5 areas of life, core requirements what these are and why they are important to define, and do some journaling exercises.

You look at each element strengths and opportunities for growth. Embodying the element and how other types/elements interact with that element.
Seeing the beauty of the elements and relationship to one's own alchemy is a powerful concept to understand. And if an element is deficient we will see how you can become out of balance, and take steps to come back into harmony.

*you do not need a copy of the 5 Element Alchemy book to join this webinar series, however it could add to your experience.

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Enjoy all the webinar videos (international)



Enjoy all the webinar videos (Australia/NZ)




Dr. Ashley Abbs

Acupunturist & Author

Dr. Ashley Abbs is an author, acupuncturist and embodiment mentor. She is author of 5 Element Alchemy: Use Your 5 Element Type To Embrace Your Gifts & Create A Life You Love, the creator of Sacred Words, a devotional writing container and the owner of TerraSana Health and Wellness Centre in Calgary AB, Canada.

Drawing on her clinical experience and the medicine of the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine, Ashley leads online courses and mentorships encouraging her clients to embrace their innate gifts, activate their intuition and embody their wholeness to create a life of love & legacy.

Kimberly Ashton

5 Elements Wellness Coach

Kimberly is a 5 Elements Wellness coach, TCM food therapist, teacher & author with a focus on balancing life energies. Through the lens of the 5 elements, emotional & metaphysical anatomy, her e-books, workshops and courses support people through the layers of discovering their connection of FOOD- EMOTIONS- ENERGY.

She advocates the importance of emotional wellness and metaphysical anatomy (where we store emotions and energies in the body & biofield) and how the 5 Elements can be used as a tool to rebalance our body & minds.

Kimberly has been sharing her passions, coaching & teaching since 2011, using Food Therapy & Food Energetics to improve health from the inside out. She is based in Australia & Asia.

We look forward to journeying with you through 5 Element Alchemy.