QFT Testimonials

The offerings at Qi Food Therapy (QFT) are designed to support you to cultivate the power of functional food and apply Eastern wisdoms in your own life. Empowering you to make informed decisions about your health and elevating your energies through broadening & rebalancing your body-mind is what it's all about.

Feedback like this makes it all worth it, thank you. 


“I looove your recipes, they have completely changed my breakfast choices.

Changing to warm nourishing breakfasts is the best! I thought it was healthy to have cereal with cold milk or a smoothie, I didn’t relate it with my digestive issues but now I see the spleen imbalance I was causing to myself!” - Sam, Europe


“Kimberly’s 5 elements reading was like receiving a missing piece of the puzzle in terms of my overall health. I am so grateful for the empowerment that this new knowledge has brought me, and I am able to implement the food and lifestyle tips to help avoid imbalances. The Liver and Dampness ebooks have also been such a wonderful help, especially as I am an earth & wood element person!” - Kate, Australia


“I recently had a 5 Element Reading with Kimberly to better understand how the 5 elements influence my energy, health, and wellbeing. I have been a practitioner of yoga and macrobiotics for over 20 years so already had background knowledge of the elements but felt Kimberly would be able to delve a bit deeper and uncover more in a one in one session. We identified my dominant elements and she gave a thorough explanation of how these show up in my life and provided me with information about how to nurture myself with specific foods and cooking styles.

I found Kimberly to be exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced and felt her authority was based on many years of living in harmony with these energies. I highly recommend seeking out her services if you want more guidance and support for your health using the traditional oriental perspective. Whether you are just starting out or are a long term practitioner, she will give you suggestions and insights for moving toward a deeper state of health and wellbeing.” - Leah, Australia


“The sessions really helped and while we unpacked a lot of different content, looking back on the last few months, it still feels like food really was the key. 

The big piece of advice for me was right at the beginning regarding carbs. By keeping the complex carbs high I find I now have more energy and have lost 7kg. I also eat mountains of vegetables now especially Bok Choy.

I put in place some of the other practices we discussed also, releasing tension, not holding it in, and such and I really think that the mental support helped right side me into a position where I could take control of my diet and really drive the discipline’s that it needed to get it back on track. 

I am incredibly grateful I am for the support Kimberly gave. Her honest feedback helped me gain some much-needed perspective on where I was at and where I wanted to be, while the dietary information she provided gave me the knowledge I needed to get there.” - Simon, UK


"I just finished going over the earth element and I am more and more adoring this work. It’s been so powerful in connecting me to nature in subtle ways that I have been noticing more. When I cook with color and intention it feels so great!

I also love the motivation you gave me by saying that by learning more and working more with the 5 elements, things will start becoming more natural and intuitive. I’ve struggled with my intuition my whole life and I believe this is my priority now, to re-establish my inner authority." - SK, Mexico


“I signed up for your Qi boosting plant based nutrition course and am loving it. It is helping me realise where I've been thinking I'm doing the right thing by my body and digestion but maybe haven't been! I've been vegan for over 5 years now for ethical reasons but have never truly experienced the energy and vitality that others seem to experience. I've had a lot of tiredness, low energy, brain fog, dull skin etc and have tried to 'fix' that through more smoothies, juices, raw salads and superfoods - but it hasn't helped over the long term! Excited to dive into Qi boosting cooking and meals, your baked beans recipe is SO yum!

Tempeh was a new protein source I chose to add in this week, I had it once a long time ago and hated it but decided to give it another go and it was surprisingly delicious!

- Jessica, Australia

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